KANAL - Nineteen Groupe


JCDecaux Holding
Rudy Ricciotti

Through this film, we wanted to convey all the enthusiasm
that emanates from a fast-growing area.
Pantin. The Ourcq Canal. The Magasins Généraux...
And above all, Rudy Riciotti's bold architecture.

Breaking the codes of 3D architectural film, using a drone,
but not a drone piloted by a conventional pilot... No.
We called on a Drone Racing champion who pilots in FPV (First Person Viewer) with an immersive helmet.

And what we got was exactly what we were looking for crazy, breathtaking trajectories, which we've retained to create the 3D camera movements. Ready, set, go!

Antoine Elizabé (real movie.) - Jtrue FPV - Kreaction